Clinical Integration

Clinical Integration is a business model that allows both independent and employed physicians to voluntarily work together to build an organization focused on improving the quality of care delivered to patients.

Key Elements:

A physician-led, professionally managed quality program

  • A sophisticated health information technology system to collect data across the care continuum (inpatient and ambulatory settings)
  • Model provides a legal basis for collective negotiations with health plans for potentially improved fee schedules and pay-for-performance bonuses

Why Should I Join Clinical Integration?

Health care has the dual challenge of improving the quality of care and simultaneously controlling the cost of that care. CI provides an organized process for delivering high quality care in a cost-effective and efficient manner, while rewarding physicians for their improvements. This offers value for payers and patients alike.   Benefits include:

  • Opportunity to participate in the governance of the Clinical Integration Program through its physician-led committees
  • Eligibility for bonuses tied to performance against clinical and operation measures
  • Registry access for monitoring quality metric progress and patient population
  • Involvement in organizational-wide patient outreach projects
  • The Clinical Integration Program negotiates payer contracts taking into account the program’s quality improvement and efficiency efforts for competitive reimbursement rates which further the program’s ability to achieve such efforts
  • Allows provider to become a part of the preferred network for approximately 7,100 Chicago Market Tenet employee members

The Clinical Integration Program, being created and operated within the framework of FTC compliance, legally negotiating, on behalf of all participating physicians, with insurance carriers for improved fee schedules and quality bonuses based on incremental quality metric performance.