Healthy Living: Partner with Your Physician

Dr with patientAdult Awareness:

  • Prevention, Early Detection and Ongoing follow up are KEY

To promote Health and Wellness:

  • Yearly exams to identify recommend preventative screenings to increase healthy living.
  • Schedule an appointment today and keep on track with the road to wellness.


Kid’s Corner

  • Scheduling regular check-ups with their Primary Physician is key when it comes to developmental and emotional growth.
  • Immunizations, Nutrition and Activity are just some of the highlights of their wellbeing.
  • Follow this recommended link to the website, sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics to help gain insight and answer some of today‚Äôs toughest questions when it comes to raising and keeping your child healthy.

Quality Matters – We Care About You

Timely response from your provider office, receiving reminder calls for your next appointment and great communication with your healthcare team does make a difference in your lifestyle. Personal health habits change and chronic disease management improves.

Healthy News– Follow this link to become aware of National Health Observance days: